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Arc Warden minimap icon.png 天穹守望者 is a carry that can nuke enemies early and then split push to end the game. His health, armor, and mana early on are fairly low, but they still give him enough to last in lane and nuke foes with his combo. His health and mana grow to respectable degrees later on, but his agility still suffers. His biggest detriments throughout the game are no mobility skills, needing to micromanage, and his abilities suffering vs multiple heroes. Nonetheless, a Warden who gets farmed is a foe to be reckoned with.
优点 缺点
  • Highest base strength and Intelligence of all Agility heroes, and highest Intelligence growth.
  • Can easily nuke most enemies 1v1
  • Split Pushes extremely well with 风暴双雄
  • One of the most versatile heroes in the game
  • Second lowest base agility and agility gain of all agility heroes
  • 0.1 base armor makes him susceptible to physical harassment early on.
  • Slow movement speed with no mobility skills makes it hard for him to escape if ganked.
  • Needs items to farm quickly, no ability outside of his ult helps him with farming.


Arc Warden is mostly played as a carry, going either safe lane or mid and farming for a Hand of Midas icon.png 迈达斯之手. If mid, use a combo of 乱流 and 闪光幽魂 to quickly nuke foes down, and with 风暴双雄 you can double the nuking power to dominate in lane. If safe lane, focus more on trying to get Midas up as soon as you can, as his abilities aren't suited well vs 2 enemies. After Midas, Maelstrom icon.png 漩涡 helps you farm incredibly fast, and Boots of Travel 1 icon.png 远行鞋 lets you be almost anywhere on the map for farming, fighting, and split pushing.


While not as common as Carry Warden, Arc Warden can still be played as an effective, if greedy, support if he needs to be. While rushing Hand of Midas icon.png 迈达斯之手 is still essential, he can now focus on more supportive item pick ups such as Arcane Boots icon.png 奥术鞋 and Urn of Shadows icon.png 影之灵龛. He can then transition into a semi carry, using his decent farming speed with midas to get items that help the team while making him a significant threat to enemy towers.


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+300 闪光幽魂伤害2530% 吸血
+125 攻击距离20-2秒 闪光幽魂冷却
+400 乱流施法距离15+300 生命
+35 攻击速度108% 冷却时间减少
  • 生命天赋增加最大生命值,并且保持当前生命值百分比。
  • 吸血天赋与其他吸血来源加法叠加。

小贴士 & 技巧[编辑]


  • Arc Warden is squishy early on with no escape tools. Pair him with a support if Safe Lane, or if heading mid make sure to keep wards up so you can see incoming ganks and know when it's time to fall back
  • Warden's abilities are strongest in a 1v1 situation. As such, placing him mid can see him easily dominate most other heroes there and gain a gold advantage.
  • Never skip Hand of Midas icon.png 迈达斯之手. Warden needs it to farm as he has no way to farm in his abilities, but he absolutely needs items. He also gains the hugest benefit out of it because his Tempest Double can use Midas with the gold and XP going to the main Warden.
  • Consumables like Healing Salve icon.png 治疗药膏, Enchanted Mango icon.png 魔法芒果, Clarity icon.png 净化药水 and Bottle (Full) icon.png 魔瓶 cannot be copied by the Tempest Double.
  • Arc Warden can have potentially unlimited uses of Items with charges such as Drum of Endurance icon.png 韧鼓 and Diffusal Blade 1 icon.png 净魂之刃 if at least 1 charge is kept on the main Arc Warden, then only used on the Tempest Double, However, Black King Bar icon.png 黑皇杖 charges are used on both Arc Warden and his 风暴双雄.
  • Items that place buffs or debuffs can have their duration doubled if timed right, as well as perhaps correcting any mistakes the main Arc Warden has made (such as targeting the wrong unit).
    • Items that place buffs on allies, such as Linken's Sphere icon.png 林肯法球 and Lotus Orb icon.png 清莲宝珠, can be used on the main Arc Warden for increased protection and then using the main one's own to their allies, or vice versa.
  • The Double can use teleport items such as Town Portal Scroll icon.png 回城卷轴 or Boots of Travel 1 icon.png 远行鞋. This means while the main Arc Warden is somewhere else, farming, pushing or defending, the Double can be on the opposite side of the map contributing to a gank or farm the enemy jungle easily.
  • Using Hand of Midas icon.png 迈达斯之手 with the Double grants the player the gold and 2.5x experience. The Double maintains the cooldown while it is unsummoned. This means that the double will not be able to use the item with every summon and Arc Warden must time the Double's summon to get the full benefits of the extra Midas.
    • One Hand of Midas icon.png 迈达斯之手 on the hero results in (190/100*60=)114 gold per minute if used whenever it is off cooldown. For the Tempest Double, the gold per minute is (190/100*60=) 114 gold per minute, resulting in 228 gold per minute for the player when both are always used when off cooldown, 2 times more than other heroes with one purchased Midas.
  • It is wise to use the Double to farm or stack neutral camps if it has nothing else to do with its remaining duration for more efficiency and to gain more gold and experience.
  • It is very important to not allow an enemy Rubick minimap icon.png 拉比克 to steal Tempest Double, since the ability fully works for Rubick. As Tempest Double is the only ability which the doubles have already on cooldown when summoned, this means 技能窃取 is completely available to use for a Rubick Double, fully able to steal and cast a spell as the same way the original Rubick. Wisely managed and well timed, Rubick and its doubles can steal and cast important ultimates such as 黑洞 or 两极反转 with ease.



  • The ability only slows and damages if there's no enemy heroes, creeps, or jungle creeps within 225 range. However, if casted on an enemy near a tower or ward, they are still slowed and damaged.
  • Upon casting, the enemy always takes one damage instance, no matter if they're near another hero.
  • It deals damage every 0.5 seconds, resulting in 13 total damage ticks overall.
  • Applying Flux on an enemy first before summoning a Spark Wraith can make hitting the enemy with it easier.


  • Magnetic Field fully affects buildings, so it can and should be used to deter a push.
    • Keep in mind that True Strike does not work against buildings, so even if the enemy obtains a Monkey King Bar icon.png 金箍棒, towers would still be fully protected with this spell.
  • If enemies enter the Field, they no longer miss you, but you keep the attack speed.


  • Spark Wraith gives 300 vision at its area. Thus, it can be used as a pseudo ward for scouting for possible ganks.
  • Enemies can see the Spark Wraith, so try to place it in elevated areas or within the trees so enemies can't see it until it's already jumping on them.
  • The Wraith can only hit one enemy at a time. It always hits the closet enemy to the Wraith itself within the radius, including creeps.
  • Spark Wraith's incredible range means it can be used for many different purposes. For one, it can be used to scout areas that may be too dangerous to just breach with the main hero, or stack multiple creep camps from a distance if timed right. Its cast range is even higher than most blink distances, making it possible to still catch enemies with escape abilities.
    • Since the Wraith has a delay upon cast before being able to attack, it should be placed into the enemy's path when chasing an enemy. This either forces the target to choose another, probably more dangerous path, or causes it to take damage and be slowed. Thanks to the spell's low cooldown, this can be repeated often. This can also be done to escape when being chased, by placing the wraith in front of oneself.
    • Stacking Spark Wraiths in an area can be a good ambush technique. Since enemies can see Spark Wraiths, hiding them behind trees or in cliffs may be necessary. Since they are not considered actual units, they can be placed literally anywhere on the map.


  • The Tempest Double essentially acts like an advanced version of an illusion. The main differences are:
    • Tempest Double uses the current stats of Arc Warden, benefits from both stats and things like Point Booster icon.png 精气之球 that just add flat amounts. Only takes 100% damage as well.
    • Deals 100% of Arc Warden's current damage including damage from items such as Daedalus icon.png 代达罗斯之殇, and gains the attack speed from items like Mjollnir icon.png 雷神之锤. It also gains the passive attack speed from Moon Shard icon.png 银月之晶
    • Can use abilities and items. They have their own, separate cooldowns on the Double.
  • It benefits from both buffs from Magnetic Field.
  • Use Boots of Travel 1 icon.png 远行鞋 when you have the Double selected to split push. When you move the Double into a lane, force attack (default button: A) the end of the lane and the Double will auto attack every creep, hero, and tower that comes its way.
  • The Tempest Double is not an illusion, therefore it does not take bonus damage from 奥术天球, nor are they killed by 石化凝视 or 肉山.




  • Boots of Speed icon.png 速度之靴 improves Arc Warden's mediocre movement speed and gives him some form of escape from enemies.
  • Ring of Aquila (Active) icon.png 天鹰之戒 gives stats and a source of pushing at a cheap price. Remember to keep the aura turned off when you're not trying to push the lane.


  • Hand of Midas icon.png 迈达斯之手 is essential on Warden as otherwise he could not farm at all. Keep track of its CD on Tempest Double to know when optimal times to call it are.
  • Boots of Travel 1 icon.png 远行鞋 gives Warden map wide presence for fighting, pushing, and farming.
  • Magic Wand icon.png 魔杖 is a good way to heal back up some health and some mana. It also makes use of the circlet and branches bought earlier and frees up inventory space.
  • Bottle (Full) icon.png 魔瓶 is a great pick up on Arc Warden. As it helps with sustaining and manage runes.
  • Maelstrom icon.png 漩涡 improves Warden's farming and pushing and can later build into Mjollnir icon.png 雷神之锤.
  • Dragon Lance icon.png 魔龙枪 provides useful stats for a highly cost effective price and the increased range allows Arc Warden to easily achieve good positioning to space himself from enemies from inside his Magnetic Field.


  • Power Treads icon.png 动力鞋 are an alternative to Travels if you need to fight early on. These can later be sold for Travels anyway.
  • Arcane Boots icon.png 奥术鞋 should be the go to boots for a Support Warden. With Tempest Double, you can replenish 270 mana to heroes nearby, which can be enough to have them use a team fight changing ult.
  • Urn of Shadows icon.png 影之灵龛 can give tons of healing if it's mainly Tempest Double using it, or even heal multiple allies at once.
  • Drum of Endurance icon.png 韧鼓 can effectively have infinite charges if usage of the charges is restricted to the Double only, or give a charge twice as long with both the Double and main hero using it after the current charge duration ends.
  • Scythe of Vyse icon.png 邪恶镰刀 is a great disable and immensely boosts Arc Warden's mana and mana regeneration, eliminating mana problems which may occur. The Hex duration can also be effectively doubled with the help of a Double.
  • Mjollnir icon.png 雷神之锤 buffs both yours and your Tempest Double's attack speed as well as punishing enemies who attack either.
  • Diffusal Blade 1 icon.png 净魂之刃 gives a purge, and it improves Warden's dreadful agility gain.
  • Desolator icon.png 黯灭 helps with both pushing towers and tearing down foes, all at an efficient price Warden can easily reach.
  • Black King Bar icon.png 黑皇杖 helps against disables or nukers if such are problems. It can also be used to send in the double in fights and staying back in safety with the main Arc Warden. The Double can use Avatar, but its duration is independent of the main Zet's Black King Bar.
  • Hurricane Pike icon.png 飓风长戟 is an alternative to Blink Dagger icon.png 闪烁匕首 for a more offensive Warden. It lets him stay in the back with the increased range from it, and gives him an escape that, if used by Tempest Double as well, can effectively double the distance traveled.
  • Eye of Skadi icon.png 斯嘉蒂之眼 is a luxury item on Warden that gives him all the stats he needs and another Black King Bar icon.png 黑皇杖 piercing slow. It does not, however, stack with Desolator icon.png 黯灭.
  • Satanic icon.png 撒旦之邪力 is another luxury item that can be considered. It improves his rather frail nature and stacks fully with Eye of Skadi icon.png 斯嘉蒂之眼, but it does not stack with Desolator icon.png 黯灭 either.
  • Orchid Malevolence icon.png 紫怨 into Bloodthorn icon.png 血棘 gives Warden more utility and a huge dps increase with Bloodthorn's crit that works with anyone on the team, including the double. It gives true strike as well for those pesky heroes with evasion.
  • Dagon 1 icon.png 达贡之神力 is great when focusing on picking off heroes. Dagon itself already does a lot of burst damage. Doubling that with a Tempest Double, combined with the rather high damage of Arc Warden's other spells, this item can help to deal with even very tanky foes. Throwing in an Ethereal Blade icon.png 虚灵之刃 can turn Arc Warden into one of the strongest nukers.
  • Moon Shard icon.png 银月之晶 makes Arc Warden attack extremely fast when combined with Magnetic Field. When consumed, the Tempest Double also gains the permanent buff.
  • Daedalus icon.png 代达罗斯之殇 can be good on Arc Warden for the same reason why Butterfly can be: it turns him into a strong hitter in the later phases of the game. Although Daedalus is chance based, Zet can still constantly deliver crits thanks to the enormous attack speed boost provided by Magnetic Field. Butterfly should be acquired before a Daedalus, to first get some attack damage and more speed first, to make critical strikes more effective.
  • Monkey King Bar icon.png 金箍棒 is a great alternative to Daedalus when dealing with evasive enemies. Also thanks to its already high chance to interrupt an enemy with its mini-bash, it can even slow down an enemy heavily when attacking it with the Double as well, due to the amount of mini-bashes from 2 heroes attacking it with Monkey King Bar. The chances to quickly interrupt an enemy's channeling spells is very high.
  • Manta Style icon.png 幻影斧 is a great item for pushes, as Arc Warden can have 4 illusions thanks to the Double. Just like with Necronomicon, the double's and the original's Manta Style are independent from and do not replace each other. The illusions also benefit from Magnetic Field's evasion, making them more resistance against physical attacks. They do not get the attack speed bonus, though.
  • Pipe of Insight icon.png 洞察烟斗 should be considered over Mekansm icon.png 梅肯斯姆 on a support Warden, as you can apply the spell block twice in a fight, while you can only heal with Mek once every 35 seconds, rendering the second usage useless.
  • Butterfly icon.png 蝴蝶 can turn Arc Warden into a heavy hitter. His primary attribute is still agility, so he benefits a lot from its stats. The Tempest Double has no attack damage penalties like most illusions do, since it is not an illusion, so it can greatly increase Arc Warden's overall damage output. Arc Warden's 2 damaging spells deal both magical damage and do not scale. A Butterfly helps him keep on doing damage to the enemy in the late game. The attack damage he gets from the item is also great for pushing and synergises very well with Magnetic Field.
  • Necronomicon 1 icon.png 死灵书30px}} is very effective on Arc Warden as well, again, thanks to his ultimate. He can have 2 sets of Necronomicon units up at the same time, since the units summoned by the double are independent and do not replace the units summoned by the main Zet. Necronomicon is an essential item for a pushing Arc Warden.
  • Rod of Atos icon.png 阿托斯之棍 is a cheap utilty item for a support Warden that can keep a foe slowed for twice as long, or even slow 2 people down so they can't escape as quickly.
  • Shiva's Guard icon.png 希瓦的守护 provides some protection against carries as it increases armor and slows their attacks passively. The active ability is also great for pushes. Although the aura does not stack when creating a Double, two Arctic Blasts also deal a decent amount of damage in fights.