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Lycan minimap icon.png 狼人 is a remarkable pusher and split-pusher that can wear down the enemies and force them to react quickly to his regular tower onslaughts; as towers melt incredibly fast under his and his minions' pressure, boosted by their canine 野性驱使. His only contribution to full-on team fights will be the bonus damage he grants with 嗥叫 to his allies, his allies' summons, his owns summons and himself... And his formidable right-click power. Else he can surge out of the woods for a quick gank or push after he transformed with 变身, moving well above the traditional maximum 522 movement speed. Finally, good players will make the best usage of his 召狼 ability and scout the enemies' position while remaining undetected since they're invisible when maxed out.
优点 缺点
  • Great jungler.
  • Can take out Roshan by himself.
  • Terrific pusher.
  • Can require some help in the laning stage.
  • Reliant on BKB for protection.
  • No reliable disables.
  • Little team fight contribution.
  • Needs correct micro-management and decision-making to get the most out of him.


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+2 召Lycan Wolf icon.png 数量25+32% 变身致命一击概率
+15% 野性驱使攻击力20+5秒 变身持续时间
10% 冷却时间减少15+10 野性驱使生命恢复
+15 攻击力10+4 护甲
  • 攻击力天赋以额外攻击力的形式增加,因此幻象不能从中获益,也不受大多数百分比伤害增加或降低效果影响。


  • Lycan will most commonly be played in the safelane. With a starting point in 野性驱使, you should have around 70 damage which should make last hits a breeze, especially if you add a Quelling Blade icon.png 压制之刃 on top of that. It won't be wasted since you will eventually transition to the jungle where there is little incentive not to get one. The reasoning with skipping 召狼 at level 1 is that your mana pool is disastrous so you'll hardly summon them more than once, and level 1 wolves don't do much, especially without a point in your passive
  • With level 2 wolves however, consider harassing the offlaner. Focus on your last hits with the hero, and try to zone out the offlaner with the wolves. Unlike Beastmaster minimap icon.png 兽王's summons, your wolves give only a small bounty when killed, so it's not too bad if a couple die during the process.
  • Once you've farmed a Ring of Basilius (Active) icon.png 王者之戒, Boots of Speed icon.png 速度之靴 and a Morbid Mask icon.png 吸血面具, you should consider going to the jungle and leaving the lane to your supports. The reason for this is you won't waste any farm in the jungle as you farm it extremely fast with wolves and your passive, which your supports probably don't, therefore giving your team a considerable edge in experience.
    • There are plenty of reasons however to not go to the jungle:
      • Maybe your mid lane requires constant protection from your supports, and it is usually a bad idea to abandon entirely a lane. In this case you might as well alternate between the lane and the closest big camp and try to farm both.
      • Maybe the enemy offlaner got a considerable amount of exp, and they could kill your supports if you leave them alone.
      • Maybe your supports are already farming the jungle, like a Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png 水晶室女 with 冰封禁制 or a Treant Protector minimap icon.png 树精卫士 with an Iron Talon icon.png 寒铁钢爪.
      • Maybe the jungle is unsafe because the enemies have a roamer or two like Bounty Hunter minimap icon.png 赏金猎人 and/or Pudge minimap icon.png 帕吉 and you have no vision to see them coming, and you'd rather stay safe with your supports. You should probably consider taking down the enemies' tower as fast as possible to get an edge in map-control in this scenario.
  • Once you've finished your Vladmir's Offering icon.png 弗拉迪米尔的祭品, figure out whether you need to upgrade your boots into Power Treads icon.png 动力鞋 or you can them as is until you require Boots of Travel 1 icon.png 远行鞋. Similarly, if you're confident in your ability to use a Medallion of Courage icon.png 勇气勋章 on the appropriate target (Roshan, or the enemy you're chasing), go for it. Else you can skip it, or simply keep a casual Blight Stone icon.png 枯萎之石.
  • Lycan is probably the hero that benefits the most from a Necronomicon 1 icon.png 死灵书 since the summons will benefit from 野性驱使 and 变身 (critical strike and 650 movement speed), AND their aura will also make your own wolves stronger... There are few scenarios where you want to skip it. Although they can be inefficient in a fight, they'll always be great to take down towers. For your final items, you will either want something to take down towers even quicker (Desolator icon.png 黯灭 and Assault Cuirass icon.png 强袭胸甲) or to start properly fighting your enemies (Skull Basher icon.png 碎颅锤 and Black King Bar icon.png 黑皇杖)


  • 嗥叫 is actually a great ability. It's so good we even choose to max it out before the final point in 野性驱使 on the generic build (Feral Impulse scales linearly whereas extra points in Howl also comes with cooldown reduction). If your team has a couple of summons and auras of its own (Chen minimap icon.png and Beastmaster minimap icon.png 兽王 for the obvious examples), and the opposition lacks methods to clear creep waves and summons, you can force all outer towers very early in the game. With the map-control advantage, you should be able to take down Roshan and possibly push for high ground and/or the throne before the twenty-minute mark.
  • Since Lycan will still require a decent amount of experience to be effective, you may consider putting him in the mid lane to get his levels. As mentioned previously, his huge base damage should allow him to get his last hits (you can even use howl to secure them further) and perhaps some denies, and he can possibly harass the enemy mid laner with his wolves.
  • In this scenario , you'll still want to rush Vladmir's Offering icon.png 弗拉迪米尔的祭品 except if someone else on your team is better suited for it. You probably won't want to skip Power Treads icon.png 动力鞋 since you'll want to finish the game as soon as possible so you'll need mid game items. Maybe a level 1 Necronomicon 1 icon.png 死灵书 will be more than enough and before upgrading it you can get an Armlet of Mordiggian (Inactive) icon.png 莫尔迪基安的臂章 or a Crimson Guard icon.png 赤红甲 to tank some tower shots at little cost.

小贴士 & 技巧[编辑]


  • When taking on Roshan, it is advised to use a Smoke of Deceit icon.png 诡计之雾 to avoid being spotted by enemy observer wards. Teams facing a Lycan will do their best to prevent early Roshan kills by planting observer wards near the pit; given that a detected Lycan is easy prey while doing battle with Roshan, slipping past those wards will do wonders for his lifespan.
  • At level 7, with items like Vladmir's Offering icon.png 弗拉迪米尔的祭品 and Power Treads icon.png 动力鞋 or Medallion of Courage icon.png 勇气勋章, Lycan can solo Roshan. Summon your Wolves and tank them alternately with the hero, but do not let them die until the re-summon is ready. Keep Shapeshift just in case the enemy comes for you, so you can escape.
  • Any item that provides armor reduction (Desolator, Medallion, Assault Cuirass) or an aura benefits both the wolves and the Necronomicon units. Keep in mind that the melee Necronomicon Warrior has the lowest Base Attack Time of the game of 0.75 seconds, which makes him scale really well with Howl's flat damage bonus. Adding reduced armor to the mix will considerably increase your total DPS.


  • Be sure to try and keep your wolves alive as long as possible, do not use them to tank damage unless their timer is low.
  • Be wary of centaurs in the jungle, if you and both of your wolves are near to the large blue centaur, it will use a stun. Avoid this by having one wolf wait away from the centaur and bringing it in after the large centaur is dead.
  • After reaching level 6, keep an eye on the other lanes, if an opportunity presents itself, don't be afraid to activate 变身 and go for a gank.
  • If the enemy middle player is a squishy hero like Sniper minimap icon.png 狙击手, you can typically kill them even if they are on full health while affected by 变身.



  • Wolves can be used to scout runes at the beginning of the match and during the laning phase to avoid losing gold and experience.
  • Always Summon Wolves in the base when going out to jungle for the first time (at about the 0-10 second mark) since the wolves are fast enough that you can get a creep camp killed without using any mana.
  • Wolves' invisibility at level 3, very low base attack time and quick movement make them great deniers. Use them to destroy runes, aegis and allied towers with all impunity if the situation is too risky, or too far away for you to go there in person. The most talented players will even manage to entirely body-block a hero in a narrow path with both wolves, and possibly deny yourself if certain debuffs are placed on Lycan.
  • Wolves can also be used to scout and keep tabs on particular heroes without them knowing. Select your wolf and hit M (default) and then click an enemy hero; the wolf will follow the hero but will not attack, so it will remain invisible. Do this with each wolf and you can get constant vision of two enemy heroes. This is great for setting up ganks or for evaluating whether to take a team fight in a particular area. Keep in mind that if your wolves lose vision of who they are following for too long, they stop following.
  • You can also use the wolves' invisibility to sneak past the enemy lines and teleport to them using Boots of Travel 1 icon.png 远行鞋, hitting one tier 3 while allied creeps disabled Backdoor Protection on another.
    • With a Necronomicon 3 icon.png 死灵书 等级3 and another big item such as Assault Cuirass icon.png 强袭胸甲, you probably have enough DPS to even go through backdoor protection, as a last resort while the enemy is somehow distracted.


  • Always keep an eye on the minimap. Save Howl to give teammates a decent damage boost, aiding them in fighting and securing kills.
  • If the enemy somehow denies plenty of their creeps, the +14 damage from a level 1 one Howl will go a long way to help you securing them.


  • As the description says, the aura is applied to every unit under Lycan's control. This includes his wolves obviously, his Necronomicon 1 icon.png 死灵书 units and any unit he might have under control through purchase of one or more Helm of the Dominator icon.png 支配头盔(s)
  • You can control even more units with Ability Draft shenanigans.


  • Shapeshift is a very strong and versatile Ultimate to use. When activated, it gives Lycan hasted movement speed, allowing a great deal of maneuverability in battle to chase down fleeing heroes or to escape from potentially dangerous areas. While Shapeshifted, you are immune to every kind of Slow, including hexes, purges and powerful slowing ultimates like 地震, 极寒领域.
  • Up to a certain extent, once you start relying on your fast movement speed, you are more vulnerable to root effects like 怨念深渊 or 冰封禁制, especially since Lycan seldom builds a Manta Style icon.png 幻影斧.
  • Shapeshift is an aura and the 650 movement speed is shared with units under his control allowing the wolves and Necronomicon units to chase as well. Unlike Feral Impulse, the aura is global; if you're desperate to get a bit of damage on a building (to finish it off?) you can always use Shapeshift and only send your summons in.




  • Power Treads icon.png 动力鞋 gives you movement speed, attack speed, and some extra damage and durability while set on strength.
  • Ring of Basilius (Active) icon.png 王者之戒 gives extra armor to your wolves, extra mana regeneration for yourself, and later builds into Vladmir's Offering icon.png 弗拉迪米尔的祭品.
  • Blight Stone icon.png 枯萎之石 is the cheapest item that will improve your wolves' damage output by reducing your targets' armor. It can be upgraded into a Medallion of Courage icon.png 勇气勋章 or a Desolator icon.png 黯灭.


  • Vladmir's Offering icon.png 弗拉迪米尔的祭品 gives lifesteal, damage, and armor in an aura, so his wolves get more powerful as well. The mana regeneration also helps with his small mana pool.
  • Necronomicon 3 icon.png 死灵书 等级3 is the default option on Lycan. The extra strength and intelligence is always nice too.
  • Black King Bar icon.png 黑皇杖 is useful on many melee heroes. Lycan is no exception as more strength and temporary magic immunity let him get to his target and deal more damage when he gets there.


  • Soul Ring icon.png 灵魂之戒 is an alternative source of mana in the early game, which can be useful considering 召狼's high mana cost of 145.
  • Medallion of Courage icon.png 勇气勋章 is usually the better choice over Soul Ring, as it enables you to take out Roshan by your lonesome self. It can also be upgraded into a Solar Crest icon.png 炎阳纹章. It can be difficult to properly micro-manage your minions while using your items' abilities so you can also skip it if you don't feel like doing too many things at once.
  • Skull Basher icon.png 碎颅锤 is a reliable-ish way to add a disable to your arsenal and stop someone. It can be upgraded later to an Abyssal Blade icon.png 深渊之刃 through purchase of a Vanguard icon.png 先锋盾 which isn't the worse either on Lycan.
  • Heaven's Halberd icon.png 天堂之戟 gives Lycan's attacks a chance to lesser maim; slowing opponents attack and move speed helping him chase them down, with additional evasion.
  • Heart of Tarrasque icon.png 恐鳌之心 greatly increases health and health regeneration allowing Lycan to tank more effectively. The damage gained from it is also entirely from strength, which is amplified by both Feral Impulse and Vladmir's Offering. Lycan can also run out of a fight with 变身 at very low HP and come right back into it after a short rest.
  • Boots of Travel 1 icon.png 远行鞋 are highly recommended late game, or when the enemies tier 3 tower or barracks are vulnerable. Whenever the enemy tries to push, go to a lone lane and split push as much as you can. Lycan is arguably one of the best heroes at taking down towers fast, due to this enemies will have to send someone back to deal with you. However, if a teamfight starts anyways, you can teleport back to help your allies instead.
  • Desolator icon.png 黯灭 improves Lycan's tower pushing and increases his damage. It also synergizes with an Assault Cuirass icon.png 强袭胸甲 pickup and creates a huge armor disparity.
  • Assault Cuirass icon.png 强袭胸甲 gives armor, attack speed to Lycan and his allies (including his minions), and reduces the opponents' armor (including their towers').
  • Moon Shard icon.png 银月之晶 is an interesting choice on Lycan. Many players love to split-push and avoid fights while playing Lycan. Few items will help you take down towers faster than a Moon Shard, but it gives no other benefit except a bit of extra night vision (but you don't need any other benefits if you're avoiding fights and only hitting buildings).
  • Monkey King Bar icon.png 金箍棒 gives you a good chance to cancel the enemies channeled abilities including Town Portal Scroll icon.png 回城卷轴s. It can be necessary when facing tons of evasion or blind effects such as Keeper of the Light minimap icon.png 光之守卫's 致盲之光 or Phantom Assassin minimap icon.png 幻影刺客's 魅影无形. It's one of the few scenarios where you may opt to skip entirely Necronomicon 1 icon.png 死灵书.
  • Shadow Blade icon.png 影刃 gives good an extra tool for initiation or escape, and is a favourite for ganking players. The bonus damage coming out of stealth is always helpful. It can be further upgraded into a Silver Edge icon.png 白银之锋.