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Elder Titan minimap icon.png 上古巨神 is a very flexible hero who can provide great amounts of utility to his team through his abilities, depending on how he is built. He can use 星體遊魂 to accrue great amounts of bonus damage and movement speed, and then take advantage of 自然秩序 to inflict that bonus damage on enemies when their defenses are reduced. He is also capable of disabling multiple enemy heroes at once with a combination of Astral Spirit and 回音重踏, as well as set up strong slows and deal tremendous damage with 裂地溝壑 after landing a successful Echo Stomp.
優點 缺點
  • Wide area disable.
  • Anti-tank aura.
  • Can deal high physical damage as a support.
  • Good scouting ability.
  • Good durability
  • Great intelligence growth makes him have no mana problems (sometimes).
  • Can have 1000+ physical damage in a team fight if Astral Spirit is used right.
  • Mediocre stat growths.
  • Difficult to land spells.
  • Requires some micro-management.
  • Natural Order has a small radius.


Generic Elder Titan
Astral Spirit icon.pngEcho Stomp icon.pngAstral Spirit icon.pngEcho Stomp icon.pngEcho Stomp icon.pngEarth Splitter icon.pngNatural Order icon.pngEcho Stomp icon.pngNatural Order icon.pngTalent icon.pngNatural Order icon.pngEarth Splitter icon.pngNatural Order icon.pngAstral Spirit icon.pngTalent icon.pngAstral Spirit icon.pngUnknown icon.pngEarth Splitter icon.pngTalent icon.pngTalent icon.png


+450 回音重踏喚醒傷害25-60秒 裂地溝壑冷卻
+100 回音重踏傷害20+55 攻擊速度
+25 星體遊魂觸碰英雄攻擊傷害15+15% 魔法抗性
+8 Strength attribute symbol.png力量10+15 移動速度
  • 魔法抗性天賦與其他魔法抗性來源乘法疊加。
  • 魔法抗性天賦將上古巨神的魔法抗性增加到36.25%。

小貼士 & 技巧[編輯]


  • In general, due to being a strength melee hero, Elder Titan benefits greatly from building durability items. After increasing his tankiness, he can transition into carrying defensive auras and teamfight items, which can give his team an edge in fights.
  • Depending on your team composition and level of play, Elder Titan's skills have differing priorities to max. Level Echo Stomp to increase the sleep's duration, making it easier for Elder Titan and his team to set up their own spells without disturbance. Astral Spirit provides the highest overall damage increase in a single spell, allowing Elder Titan to deal damage from the spirit passing through enemies as well as giving him bonus damage once it returns. Maxing Natural Order early massively increases the amount of damage enemies will take in engagements, allowing high damage dealers on Elder Titan's team to maximize their damage output.
    • If being built as a melee-range fighter, Elder Titan focuses on maxing out Astral Spirit and Natural Order, completely forgoing Echo Stomp and his ultimate to get four levels in both by level 8. By doing so, Elder Titan can cast Astral Spirit to maximize the amount of bonus damage and movement speed he gains by passing it through enemy units, and then engaging the enemy in direct combat to utilize the bonus damage and apply his Natural Order aura to enemies he is attacking to further increase the damage they take from his attacks. Because Astral Spirit is his only mana-costing ability, Elder Titan focuses on building durability items and increasing his attack speed, so that he can take the enemy head-on and maximize his damage output.
    • Built as a utility initiator-disabler, Elder Titan gets only one value point in Astral Spirit, then focuses on maxing out Echo Stomp and Natural Order, while leveling his ultimate where possible. The objective of this build is to combine Astral Spirit and Echo Stomp in order to set up long-duration sleeps on enemies, and then weaken their defenses for teammates to exploit, using his ultimate both as a nuke and a disable. Because he lacks levels in Astral Spirit, Elder Titan will have little auto-attack damage output, and focuses on using his spells to great effect. Elder Titan must build items that grant him mana for sustaining his casting, mobility to let him more easily position himself to cast his spells, and utility items to help give his team an advantage in fights.
  • Elder Titan is most often played as an off-laner, but can be played as a mid hero or safe-lane support depending on the lineup.
    • Astral Spirit allows an off-lane Elder Titan to get last-hits from distance, and he benefits from getting solo experience if the enemy supports fail to zone him out effectively. Additionally, the spirit can accrue bonus damage and movement speed via nearby jungle creeps as well as lane creeps, giving Elder Titan more mobility and last-hitting power as needed, and scout the fog of war for potential incoming ganks. A value point in Echo Stomp can serve as an emergency escape spell of sorts, as it can stop attackers in their tracks once they've expended their disables, allowing Elder Titan to escape while they are asleep.
    • A mid Elder Titan can use a combination of Astral Spirit and Natural Order to bully his opponent, as he can gain bonus damage and movement speed through the spirit to trade right-clicks and chase the enemy mid down, while Natural Order's aura greatly increases the amount of damage they take from trading attacks. As well, Echo Stomp can be used to punish any enemies attempting to tower dive, or can aid in setting up friendly ganks.
    • As a support, Elder Titan will have very little farm and experience priority, however he can remotely set up disables via Astral Spirit and Echo Stomp once he hits level 2, which can disable the enemy's off-laner long enough for his team to get in a favorable position for a gank. As well, he can transition into a utility farming support by passing his Astral Spirit through neutral camps in his jungle and then use the bonus damage to farm if needed.



  • Echo Stomp is an unorthodox disable in that it is a sleep, rather than a stun. As such, it is mechanically very unusual but can be very strong when used properly.
  • Remember that Echo Stomp is a channeled spell, and as such stunning or silencing Elder Titan during the 1.2 second delay will interrupt it and cause the spell to fail. Because of this, Echo Stomp is best used when combined with Astral Spirit.
  • The most important aspect of Echo Stomp is that all slept units will awake immediately upon taking player-based damage. As such, it requires that allies do not attempt to attack or cast spells against the enemy, as it will remove the disable and allow the target to act again.
  • Conversely, however, this can be used to your advantage, as damage from non-player sources will not wake the target up. This means that if an enemy hero is tower-diving or has accrued creep aggro, inflicting them with the sleep will allow towers and creeps to continue to damage them without waking them up. Additionally, this works with 羅煞's damage, making Echo Stomp a very strong spell for countering 羅煞 attempts by the enemy team.
  • Used properly, Echo Stomp is a very strong initiating spell, as it can sleep multiple enemies for up to 5 seconds, a duration comparable to the longest disables in the game. As well, it can be a very strong counter-initiation spell, breaking up enemy ganks by interrupting them as they are distracted trying to kill an ally.
  • If you manage to knock out multiple enemy heroes with an Echo Stomp, it is extremely important to prioritize and focus your targets. As the enemy will only awaken once the duration expires or when they take player-based damage, you can single out one enemy to focus down and kill while their teammates are still unconscious, and then clean up the remainder more easily once the sleep's duration ends. Hitting all of the enemies with player-based damage will immediately wake them up, wasting the sleep.
  • Echo Stomp can be a useful juking spell if being chased through the jungle by the enemy. Elder Titan can run around a blind corner, and then immediately begin channeling Echo Stomp. Any chasing enemies will likely not have enough time to interrupt Elder Titan upon reaching his location, and will be knocked out, allowing him to escape.
  • If attempting to combine Echo Stomp with Earth Splitter, at least 2 levels in Echo Stomp are required, as Earth Splitter takes 3.14 seconds to implode after casting. Under optimal circumstances, enemies will have only 0.54 seconds to escape the spell, and will be unable to do so once Echo Stomp is level 3 or higher.


  • Astral Spirit is the lynchpin that allows Elder Titan's abilities to work together to create devastating combinations. It allows Elder Titan to cast Echo Stomp from long range, and carries his Natural Order aura as well, making it one of his strongest spells. No matter how Elder Titan is skilled, at least one early level is needed to make his abilities effective.
  • Astral Spirit spawns at a target location up to a distance of 1200 away from Elder Titan, and can then be controlled to move even further after that. This allows Elder Titan to set up Echo Stomp from very long ranges, without revealing his own position to the enemy team.
  • Remember that Astral Spirit's movement speed is set to match that of Elder Titan when he cast it. This makes building movement speed items on Elder Titan very important, as it affects not only his own mobility but that of his spirit.
  • Astral Spirit gives Elder Titan bonus damage and movement speed for a short duration after returning to him. As such, it can be a very strong spell to use against crowded enemies, as it can accrue massive amounts of bonus damage and movement speed, turning Elder Titan into a terrifying threat if he has enough attack speed to take advantage of this bonus damage.
  • In general, Astral Spirit's priority should be passing through enemy heroes if possible, as it serves three purposes. Passing the spirit through enemy heroes will accrue much more bonus damage and movement speed for Elder Titan than it will for creeps, putting the spirit on top of an enemy hero weakens them by applying Natural Order's aura to them, and it reveals their position through the fog of war, allowing nearby allies to take advantage of this knowledge and the aura.
  • Astral Spirit will accrue bonus damage and movement speed not only by passing through enemies, but neutrals as well (even spell immune ones). As such, if the opportunity presents itself, try to pass the spirit through jungle camps if possible, as they can serve as an additional source of power. The spirit also deals damage to them as it passes through, weakening them for later jungling.
  • Remember that Astral Spirit still gathers bonuses for units it passes through on its return path to Elder Titan. Because of this, it can be beneficial to re-position Elder Titan after casting the spell, so that after passing through as many creeps as it can during its duration, it can pass through even more on its return path, maximizing the bonuses gained from the spell.
  • The above can also be used to cast surprise Echo Stomps, as the spirit moves at 600 speed when returning, faster than Elder Titan himself can move. After casting Astral Spirit, maneuver it through the fog of war and behind the enemy, then return it so that it paths over the enemy on its return path to Elder Titan. When it reaches the enemy's position, begin channeling Echo Stomp, and the spirit will stop and begin casting it on top of the enemy. This can be a very rude surprise for enemy players, who will usually be looking in the wrong direction and not expect the Astral Spirit to be moving so quickly, let alone stop in the middle of a return.


  • Even though it has no visual effect, Natural Order is one of Elder Titan's strongest abilities, as it can nullify base armor and counteract base magic resistance on enemy heroes, making even the toughest enemies much squishier.
  • Both Elder Titan and his Astral Spirit carry this aura. However, keep in mind that the aura has a very small radius, so in practical terms it is only useful when Elder Titan himself is engaging a foe or his spirit is on top of them.
  • Natural Order makes Elder Titan a very strong hero to counter agility-based carries. As most agility carries will build agility items to boost their base damage and attack speed, they will also have unusually high amounts of base armor, which is nullified by Natural Order. As well, agility carries will normally have small health pools, making them weak against magic nukes, which Natural Order also amplifies through its magic resistance reduction.
  • Depending on how Elder Titan is built, players should make use of the aura on either Elder Titan, his Astral Spirit, or both. As Elder Titan fights enemies, his teammates should focus down any enemies he engages, or any enemies that are standing inside his Astral Spirit. Try to micro-manage the Astral Spirit to put it on top of high-priority targets, in order to weaken their defenses from a distance if Elder Titan himself cannot reach them.


  • Earth Splitter is an extremely strong damage spell that has a long delay but a wide area of effect. Casting it successfully can severely weaken the entire enemy team and slow them down tremendously, allowing teammates to mop up.
  • In general, Earth Splitter is best used once the enemy team has been knocked out by Echo Stomp, as the sleep's duration allows the ultimate to run its full course. However, it can also be used if the enemy has been disabled by a teammate, such as through 毀滅, 黑洞, 時間結界 or 兩極反轉.
  • Always remember to place your Astral Spirit and Elder Titan himself in close proximity of the enemy when the crack implodes, in order to apply the Natural Order debuff to them. This will ensure that the enemy will take almost the full brunt of the damage, and places Elder Titan in a favorable position to begin attacking the enemy using bonus damage from Astral Spirit, as they will be severely slowed as well.
  • Due to its wide area and long range, Earth Splitter can be a strong chasing spell, as it can force enemy players to path differently in order to avoid the damage and slow. As well, in emergencies it can be used as an escape spell by casting it in a direction and then running down the length of the crack, forcing enemies to break off or be damaged and slowed.


Starting items

  • Tango icon.png 樹之祭祀s and Healing Salve icon.png 治療藥膏 are minimum health regen requirements. They should be purchased in order to offset any harass damage you take.
  • Clarity icon.png 淨化藥水 is useful because Elder Titan's spells are quite costly, and casting one or two spells will drain a significant portion of it. As such, having mana regen can allow you to cast more than just three spells before running dry.
  • Stout Shield icon.png 圓盾 is very useful on Elder Titan, as he has decent strength and armor, and is a melee hero who can get easily harassed when walking up for last-hits.

Early items

  • Boots of Speed icon.png 速度之靴 are essential early on for Elder Titan, especially in the off-lane. It serves the primary purpose of allowing him to evade ganks by the enemy supports, but also allows him to get in position for his spells more quickly. As well, it improves the mobility of Astral Spirit, which is based on Elder Titan's own movement speed.
  • Magic Stick icon.png 魔棒 allows Elder Titan to benefit from burst HP and mana regen. In emergency situations, a full-charge Magic Stick can allow Elder Titan to cast any of his non-ultimate spells one more time, and can allow him to cast his ultimate provided that he is not completely out of mana.
  • Bracer icon.png 護腕 gives Elder Titan useful stats, particularly strength for more health and base damage. It can build into a Drum of Endurance later on.

Core items

  • Power Treads icon.png 動力鞋 gives Elder Titan many strong benefits. Treads switching allows him to give himself more intelligence to reduce the strain that casting places on his mana pool, or strength for more HP and base damage. As well, the additional attack speed allows Elder Titan to better take advantage of any damage he gains from Astral Spirit.
  • Drum of Endurance icon.png 韌鼓, upgraded from a previously purchased Bracer, gives Elder Titan useful stats across the board as well as an aura that provides movement and attack speed. The aura, as well as its active component, give Elder Titan an edge in teamfights, especially when combined with the bonuses provided by Astral Spirit.
  • Magic Wand icon.png 魔杖 is very strong on Elder Titan, as it provides him with stats and a way to instantly replenish HP and mana. As Elder Titan is extremely reliant on casting, restoring 255 mana instantly can allow him to do much more in fights.
  • Town Portal Scroll icon.png 回城捲軸 is mandatory on all heroes. For Elder Titan, being able to use his abilities to help in ganks, counter-ganks and teamfights can be instrumental to victory.

Situational items

  • Crimson Guard icon.png 赤紅甲 is very strong on Elder Titan, as the damage block, armor and additional HP all combine to make him very tanky and hard to bring down. The utility that its active brings to a fight allows him to increase the survivability of his team against physical damage.
  • Hood of Defiance icon.png 挑戰頭巾 provides Elder Titan with protection against magic nukes, allowing him to stand in teamfights and make the most of Natural Order against the enemy. It can be upgraded into a Pipe of Insight icon.png 洞察煙斗 to provide utility for his team, protecting them against magic nukes as well.
  • Heaven's Halberd icon.png 天堂之戟 serves as a utility and survivability item that increases Elder Titan's offensive potential. The strength and evasion give Elder Titan increased survivability against physical right-clicks, while the strength and damage bonus increase the power of his own right-clicks, adding a Lesser Maim on top that can slow his foes down. The active ability, Disarm, can also be used against the enemy's main carry, preventing them from attacking for some time.
  • Assault Cuirass icon.png 強襲胸甲 shares strong synergy with Elder Titan's spells, on top of the physical survivability it grants. The attack speed allows Elder Titan to leverage any bonus damage he gains from Astral Spirit, while the armor reduction aura stacks with that of Natural Order, causing Elder Titan's attacks to hit even harder.
  • Shiva's Guard icon.png 希瓦的守護 is a strong physical survivability item that gives Elder Titan more intelligence for casting spells and an active slow that greatly benefits his abilities. Slowing the enemy down can make it harder for them to escape, allowing Elder Titan to catch up and apply his Natural Order aura, or can be stacked on top of a successful Earth Splitter to keep the enemy bunched up.
  • Blade Mail icon.png 刃甲 is a good mid-game item that gives Elder Titan many good benefits. The bonus intelligence gives him a bigger mana pool for casting spells, the extra armor gives him survivability, and the extra damage helps with his damage output for teamfights and farming. The active allows him to use his HP pool offensively, discouraging enemies from focusing him as he initiates and threatening large amounts of reflected damage against fragile burst casters.
  • Scythe of Vyse icon.png 邪惡鐮刀 is a highly expensive luxury item but carries many strong benefits. It gives Elder Titan a targeted hard disable to use against enemies, and can be use to pin an enemy down for Echo Stomp. It greatly increases the size of his mana pool, gives him scaling mana regen, and gives him stats across the board.
  • Refresher Orb icon.png 刷新球 allows Elder Titan to cast his ultimate twice in quick succession, which can severely cripple any enemy it catches, potentially even killing them from full health. It is best purchased if players are confident that they will have enough setup to land Earth Splitter with precision, but requires increasing the size of Elder Titan's mana pool as the entire combination can consume up to 825 mana.
  • Black King Bar icon.png 黑皇杖 can be a good item to build on Elder Titan for various reasons. While it can prevent Elder Titan from being interrupted as he casts Echo Stomp, its primary utility is to prevent him from being disabled as he closes the distance with enemies to fight them using his bonus damage from Astral Spirit and the resistance reduction from Natural Order.
  • Aghanim's Scepter icon.png 阿哈利姆神杖 is a very strong item to pick up on Elder Titan, as it gives him all-around stats that aid in his survivability and ability to cast spells. It augments the power of Earth Splitter, allowing him to slow enemies for a longer duration and disarm them at the same time, preventing them from easily retaliating.
  • Bottle (Full) icon.png 魔瓶 can be very useful to build on Elder Titan, both as an off-laner and a mid. As Elder Titan's spells all cost a significant portion of his mana pool, being able to replenish his mana allows him to remain mobile and not have to return to base as often.
  • Soul Ring icon.png 靈魂之戒 can greatly improve Elder Titan's ability to cast spells, allowing him to draw from his HP pool for mana.
  • Medallion of Courage icon.png 勇氣勳章 is a strong support item on Elder Titan. It provides him with additional armor and mana regen, giving him survivability and helping to maintain his mana pool. The active can be targeted on allies to give them more resistance to physical damage, or can be targeted on enemies to further reduce their armor alongside Natural Order, making them weaker against allied attacks, as well as Elder Titan's attacks (especially when combined with Astral Spirit) and Earth Splitter. Upgraded to Solar Crest icon.png 炎陽紋章, it can add evasion and miss chance to the mix.
  • Blink Dagger icon.png 閃爍匕首 can be very situational but powerful in Elder Titan's hands. It greatly increases his mobility and allows him to position himself for casting his spells much more effectively, as well as instantly getting within range to fight.
  • Vladmir's Offering icon.png 弗拉迪米爾的祭品 is a strong durability item on Elder Titan, and can be purchased relatively easily due to the cheap price of its components. It provides an armor aura that gives Elder Titan and his teammates more survivability against physical damage, and the damage bonus and lifesteal aura also provide strong bonuses in teamfights. The mana regen also helps to maintain Elder Titan's mana pool.
  • Lotus Orb icon.png 清蓮寶珠 gives Elder Titan strong utility and survivability no matter how he is built. It provides armor and HP regen, increasing his tankiness, and mana regen to fuel his spell casting. Echo Shell can be cast on an ally to discourage the enemy from casting targeted spells on them, or on Elder Titan himself to increase his survivability when directly engaging the enemy in combat.
  • If attempting to take advantage of Astral Spirit and Natural Order to make Elder Titan a brawler, the following items can greatly increase his effectiveness.
    • Orb of Venom icon.png 淬毒之珠 is a good early-game item that lets Elder Titan slow enemies with his attacks. The slow can synergize with Astral Spirit's bonus damage and movement speed, letting Elder Titan easily chase enemies to land highly-damaging attacks on them.
    • Phase Boots icon.png 相位鞋 can be a useful alternative to Power Treads, as the active can be used to chase enemies down after gaining bonus damage and movement speed via Astral Spirit.
    • Shadow Blade icon.png 影刃 has good initiating utility that allows Elder Titan to more easily utilize his Astral Spirit damage. If activated after casting Astral Spirit, Elder Titan can approach enemies invisibly and attack them with the backstab damage, then recall his Astral Spirit to allow him to immediately take advantage of any bonus damage and movement speed he obtains. It can also be upgraded into a Silver Edge icon.png 白銀之鋒 for all of the same benefits, as well as applying a break and damage reduction to any gank targets to further debilitate them.
    • Moon Shard icon.png 銀月之晶 greatly boosts Elder Titan's attack speed, allowing him to take advantage of any bonus damage he accrues through Astral Spirit. The increased night vision range also allows him to spot enemies from longer range, setting up ganks or disables more easily.
    • Sange and Yasha icon.png 散夜對劍 greatly increases Elder Titan's early fighting potential. Increasing his attack damage, HP, attack speed and movement speed makes Elder Titan much deadlier in fights, as he can chase down enemies more effectively and deal more physical damage when combined with Astral Spirit's movement speed and bonus damage.
    • Eye of Skadi icon.png 斯嘉蒂之眼 vastly increases Elder Titan's attributes across the board, making him tankier and giving him more mana. The attack modifier allows him to slow enemies with his attacks, preventing them from easily running away from him and allowing him to utilize Astral Spirit's bonuses to the utmost.
  • Built as a utility disabler that focuses on landing Echo Stomp, Elder Titan can increase his effectiveness.
    • Urn of Shadows icon.png 影之靈龕 is a good roaming item that gives Elder Titan increased flexibility. The bonus strength gives him base damage and more HP, while the mana regen allows him to cast his spells more regularly. Charges can be obtained easily through ganking and setting up kills with Echo Stomp, and those charges can either heal teammates or Elder Titan himself, or add more damage to a gank.
    • Arcane Boots icon.png 奧術鞋 are very useful if Elder Titan is being built to cast instead of brawl. It increases the size of his mana pool and allows him to replenish his and his teammates' mana, greatly increasing his utility and allowing him to always have the mana to cast his spells in fights.
    • Force Staff icon.png 原力法杖 serves many useful benefits on Elder Titan if he is being built in a support-utility role. The item's components are easy to build, and it increases the size of his mana pool while also giving him some HP regen and an active that helps with his positioning, which can be crucial for getting his spells off.
    • Mekansm icon.png 梅肯斯姆 is built mainly as a utility item that offers stats and survivability. Elder Titan's tanky nature allows him to benefit greatly from it, however he must build up his mana pool first, as Mekansm's active costs more than any of his spells.
    • Veil of Discord icon.png 紛爭面紗 gives Elder Titan stats across the board and armor, increasing his inherent tankiness and greatly boosting his intelligence to facilitate easier spell casting. However, its main utility is in its active ability, which can reduce an enemy's magic resistance further on top of Natural Order, increasing the potency of magical damage even more. Using it on top of Earth Splitter and Natural Order allows Elder Titan to cut enemies' HP by up to a maximum of 56%.
    • Eul's Scepter of Divinity icon.png Eul的神聖法杖 is a strong item for aiding Elder Titan in casting. The base movement speed increase grants him more mobility, especially when combined with Astral Spirit's bonus movement speed, and the extra intelligence and scaling mana regen ensure that Elder Titan will always have the mana to cast what he needs. The active can pin an enemy down with a cyclone, giving Elder Titan enough time to set up a perfect Echo Stomp.