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Release Illuminate icon.png
▶️ 人多好办事。

▶️ I am a beacon of knowledge blazing out across a black sea of ignorance.


Batrider icon.png
  • Batrider's 火焰飞行 can clear Nature's Prophet's treants and Sprout.
Broodmother icon.png
  • Broodmother can destroy Nature's Prophet's treants with 孵化蜘蛛 and summon spiderlings in their place.
  • Broodmother loves buying Orchid Malevolence icon.png 紫怨, which can prevent Nature's Prophet from escaping with Sprout and Teleportation.
Death Prophet icon.png
Earthshaker icon.png
  • 回音击 can do a lot of damage if Nature's Prophet stands close to his treants.
Elder Titan icon.png
  • 星体游魂 can give Elder Titan a lot of damage and movement speed if Nature's Prophet stands close to his treants.
  • Not only 回音重踏 can also prevent Nature's Prophet to escape Teleportation, but also, Elder Titan can also use 星体游魂 to bypass Sprout and use its own 回音重踏.
  • Aghanim's Scepter icon.png 阿哈利姆神杖 upgraded 裂地沟壑 can clear Nature's Prophet's treants and disarm him simultaneously, which can shutdown his pushing.
Ember Spirit icon.png
  • 无影拳 with Battle Fury icon.png 狂战斧 deals a lot of damage to Nature's Prophet's team if they stand close to his Treants, as well as killing all of his Treants and getting lots of gold.
  • Ember Spirit with 残焰 and Boots of Travel 1 icon.png 远行鞋 can teleport and defend tower whenever Nature's Prophet tries to push.
Jakiro icon.png
  • Jakiro's 烈焰焚身 can help him to escape from Sprout and can disrupt Nature's Prophet's jungling.
  • Jakiro can disrupt Nature's Prophet's escape attempt with Teleportation with 冰封路径.
Lina icon.png
  • Lina can easily prevent Nature's Prophet Teleportation escape attempts with 光击阵.
  • Lina's 龙破斩 and 光击阵 can kill Nature's Prophet's treants and grant her lot of farm.
  • Nature's Prophet doesn't like buying Black King Bar icon.png 黑皇杖, which is only item that can help him against Lina.
Luna icon.png
  • 月刃 and 月之祝福 help Luna to tear off Nature's Prophet's treants.
  • Luna can easily cancel Teleportation with her 月光.
Meepo icon.png
  • Meepo can net Nature's Prophet's treants with 地之束缚 and then he 忽悠s them. Putting an end to his pushing.
  • Skilled Meepo minimap icon.png 米波 can rival and even exceed Nature's Prophet's global presence by combining 忽悠 with Boots of Travel 1 icon.png 远行鞋, meaning that he can not only stop his push, but also can kill him if he is not careful.
Naga Siren icon.png
  • Naga Siren is a natural split-pusher. With a Radiance (Active) icon.png 辉耀 equipped, she will easily out-push Nature's Prophet, farming his treants in the process.
  • Ensnare prevents Teleportation. Even if he hid inside Sprout, Song of the Siren lasts long enough to prevent him from escaping.
Sand King icon.png
  • Sand King has many tools to deal with Nature's Prophet's treants.
  • Sand King also can interrupt Teleportation with 掘地穿刺.
Shadow Shaman icon.png
  • Shadow Shaman's 群蛇守卫 together with 苍穹震击 can easily kill lots of Treant if played defensively.
  • 群蛇守卫, 妖术 and 枷锁 can disrupt Nature's Prophet's escape attempt with Teleportation. Though he can Sprout himself.
  • Nature's Prophet also has no ways of canceling 枷锁.
Spectre icon.png
  • Nature's Prophet can literally do nothing against Spectre, because she can chase him from anywhere with 鬼影重重.
  • Spectre, just like Naga Siren loves buying Radiance (Active) icon.png 辉耀, which can kill Nature's Prophet's treants, and grant her farm simultaneously.
Spirit Breaker icon.png
  • Spirit Breaker can chase Nature's Prophet from anywhere on the map with 暗影冲刺, making it hard for Nature's Prophet to split-push.
  • 暗影冲刺 and 幽冥一击 gives vision of Nature's Prophet when he tries to Sprout himself and teleport away.
Tinker icon.png
  • Tinker with 再装填 and Boots of Travel 1 icon.png 远行鞋 can teleport and defend towers whenever Nature's Prophet tries to push.
  • 激光 prevents Nature's Prophet from attacking. Additionally, even with Monkey King Bar icon.png 金箍棒, Nature's Prophet cannot hit towers and buildings.
  • 机械行军 can easily kill an entire wave of Treants, giving Tinker lots of gold.
Underlord icon.png
  • 火焰风暴 quickly kills all the treants and increases the 衰退光环 passive.
  • 怨念深渊 can stop Teleportation channeling.
  • 衰退光环 greatly reduces Nature's Prophet's damage and he has no other ways of dealing damage.
  • 黑暗之门 can counter split-pushing, which is something that Nature's Prophet relies a lot, and Nature's Prophet has very little solutions to intercept 黑暗之门.
Visage icon.png
  • Nature's Prophet has no innate way to deal with 陵卫斗篷 or kill Visage Familiar icon.png 佣兽s effectively.
  • Familiars can fly over the trees created by Sprout. They can also use 石像形态 when the Prophet is trying to use Teleportation.




Lich icon.png
  • His treants can prevent 连环霜冻 from jumping to Nature's Prophet or his allies.
Techies icon.png
Venomancer icon.png



Bloodseeker icon.png
  • Nature's Prophet can teleport and finish off target with low HP with vision provided by 焦渴. Or just simply use Nature's Prophet ultimate to end him.
Invoker icon.png
  • Invoker can assist Nature's Prophet anywhere whenever he ganks with 阳炎冲击. 阳炎冲击 is also guaranteed to hit if the target is trapped by Sprout.
Lycan icon.png
  • 嗥叫 increases all of Treants' damage by a flat amount. Together with Nature's Prophet, they can destroy towers in a matter of seconds.
Windranger icon.png
  • Heroes trapped by Sprout is guaranteed to be stunned for full duration by 束缚击.