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你需要在Dota 2商店或Steam社區市場上購買一個符印來開啟這個寶箱/寶藏,開啟不同系列的寶箱可獲得的物品也截然不同。
▶️ Ah, had this treasure not fallen to me, I would have delved to the sea floor to claim it!
— '昆卡'

寶箱/寶藏 是一種通過飾品掉落系統獲取的工具. They are modeled after what the chest contains; chests containing items for a specific hero will be styled after their respective heroes, while event crates will possess details related to the event. Treasure Chests can be opened with the use of a Treasure Key. Anything unboxed using an untradable key will become tradable on the date the key was supposed to become tradable.

When a chest is opened, a five second timer ticks down. Once opened to the tune of a cheering crowd, the player will receive one of a set of items which are listed in the chest's description and are dependent on its series. The chest and key are removed from the player's inventory and replaced with the received item. Some Chest may drop more than one item e.g. the Ancient Scroll Case


注意: 在同一系列的寶箱中,稀有物品的獲得幾率是一致的。所有寶箱在遊戲中的掉落幾率也是一致的。