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Release Illuminate icon.png
▶️ 人多好办事。


▶️ 祈求者! Invoker!
▶️ 荣耀的祈祷! Glorious invocation!
▶️ 吾已现世,普天同庆! What joy it is beholding me!
▶️ 如吾所祈,吾身圣临! Thus I invoke myself!


▶️ 如此开启知识的纪元。 So begins a new age of knowledge.


▶️ 第一滴血,吾乃万事之先。 First blood, as indeed I am first in everything.


▶️ 是! Yes!
▶️ 明了! Avowedly!
▶️ 前行。 I proceed.
▶️ 由此启程。 Away hence.
▶️ 绝无迟疑。 Forthwith.
▶️ 前往彼岸。 Thither I go.
▶️ 一路顺利。 Well away.
▶️ 全神贯注。 Concentration!
▶️ 进入战场。 Unto battle.
▶️ 如你所说。 So it is said.
▶️ 有因有果。 Thus and so.
▶️ 当然。 Of course.
▶️ 元素之光照****。 Orbs light my path. 光球照路。
▶️ 有求必应。 As needs be.
▶️ 铭记于心。 I'll keep it in mind.
▶️ 宣誓效忠。 I am comitted.
▶️ 谨慎行动。 Mindfully.
▶️ 我知道了。 I'm well aware of it.
▶️ 好的。 Fine.
▶️ 在那边? Over yon?
▶️ 速度。 With speed.
▶️ 无聊之极。 Tis' tedious.
▶️ 无聊。 This bores me.
▶️ 单调。 Such tedium.


▶️ 攻击。 Attack!
▶️ 死亡已近。 Nigh unto death!
▶️ 挡路者死。 Athwart my path.
▶️ 你的运气不好。 I'll luck upon you.
▶️ 来战! Fight me!
▶️ 谁敢来战? You dare fight me?
▶️ 留心吧。 harken unto me.
▶️ 知识就是力量! Knowledge is power!
▶️ 智者先攻。 The learned one strikes.
▶️ 何人扰我? Who threatens my concentration?
▶️ 无人能扰。 I'll not be interrupted.
▶️ 与我一战,三生有幸。 An honor to fight me.



▶️ 你应该更留心提防我的。 You should be more fully aware of me!
▶️ 天涯海角我都会追寻。 Withersoever you go, I follow.
▶️ 做好死亡的心理准备吧。 Prepare your mind for death!


Invoke icon.png

▶️ 我的绝技之一。 One of my favorites.
▶️ 三球法术! Spherical sorcery!
▶️ 看招! Behold!
▶️ 源远流长。 A rich tradition.
▶️ 汲取元素的精髓。 Drawn from deep within.
▶️ 来自于伟大的奥秘。 From the great mystery.
▶️ 倒背如流的咒语。 A spell I well remember.
▶️ 真之奥术永世传承。 True Arcanery thrives!
▶️ 取自奥术宝典。 Plucked from the Arcanery.
▶️ 吾心即为奥术宝典。 My mind is my Arcanery.
▶️ 滚瓜烂熟的咒语。 An incantation long remembered.
▶️ 迷人的魔咒。 A charming hex.
▶️ 世人快准备接受启示! Enlightenment stands ready!
▶️ 力量的咒语。 Words of power.
▶️ 见识真正的法术吧! Witness true sorcery!
▶️ 满目先兆。 Augury abounds.
▶️ 真知奥秘,唯我知晓! Arcana known only to me!


Cold Snap icon.png

▶️ 急速冷却! Cold snap!
▶️ 三重冰! Quas Trionis!
▶️ 三重冻! Quas Frigoris!
▶️ 塞卓昂的无尽战栗。 Sadron's Protracted Frisson!
▶️ 认清自己的脆弱! Learn how fragile you are!


Ghost Walk icon.png

▶️ 幽灵漫步! Ghost walk!
▶️ 冰,雷,冰! Quas Wex Quas!
▶️ 米瑞特之阻碍。 Myrault's Hinder-Gast!
▶️ 生魂散尽! Geist of Lethargy!
▶️ 遁去吾形。 I slip from sight.


Tornado icon.png

▶️ 强袭飓风! Tornado!
▶️ 雷,冰,雷! Wex Quas Wex!
▶️ 雷之风暴! Wex cyclonus!
▶️ 托纳鲁斯之爪。 Claws of Tornarus!
▶️ 吾之大敌,皆浮于空。 My foes aloft.


EMP icon.png

▶️ 电磁脉冲! EMP!
▶️ 魔法精华脉冲! Extractive Mana Pulse!
▶️ 三重雷! Wex Trionis!
▶️ 雷磁暴! Wex magnelectros!
▶️ 席美尔的精华脉冲! Shimare's Extractive Pulse!
▶️ 恩多利昂的恶之混动。 Endoleon's Malevolent Perturbation!
▶️ 消魔大法。 Traitorous sorcery.
▶️ 拧得如同干布。 Wrung out like a desiccated rag.
▶️ 彻底消魔。 Thoroughly extracted.
▶️ 你的生命之泉已经干涸了。 Your well has run dry.


Alacrity icon.png

▶️ 雷,雷,火! Wex Wex Exort!
▶️ 灵动迅捷。 Alacrity!
▶️ 雷火**** Zeal of Wexort!
▶️盖斯特之猛战号令! Gaster's Mandate of Impetuous Strife!
▶️ 见识真正的速度吧! Experience true swiftness!


Chaos Meteor icon.png

▶️ 混沌陨石! Chaos meteor!
▶️ 火,雷,火! Exort Wex Exort!
▶️ 来自虚空的火焰撞击。 Voidal Pyroclasm!
▶️ 塔拉克的天坠之火。 Tarak's Descent of Fire!
▶️ 天降炼狱! A celestial inferno!
▶️ 加拉隆的深渊之核。 Gallaron's Abysal Carnesphere!
▶️ 陨石天临,尔等看好! Behold the meatball!


Sun Strike icon.png

▶️ 阳炎冲击! Sun strike!
▶️ 三重火! Exort Trionis!
▶️ 三阳之炎! Exort Tri-Solar!
▶️ 哈雷克之火葬魔咒。 Harlek's Incantation of Incineration!


▶️ 天空将你点燃! The skies set you aflame!


Forge Spirit icon.png

▶️ 熔炉精灵! Forge spirit!
▶️ 火,冰,火! Exort Quas Exort!
▶️ 元素之哀伤! Grief Elementals!
▶️ 卡尔维因的至邪产物! Culween's Most Cunning Fabrications!
▶️ 坚甲与意志的摧毁者! Ravagers of Armor and Will!
▶️ 无中生有的援军! An ally from naught!


Ice Wall icon.png

▶️ 寒冰之墙! Ice Wall!
▶️ 冰,冰,火! Quas Quas Exort!
▶️ 极寒壁垒! Bitter Rampart!
▶️ 科瑞克斯的杀戮之墙。 Killing Wall of Koryx!
▶️ 严酷的白色荒野在召唤! The harsh White Waste beckons.


Deafening Blast icon.png

▶️ 超震声波 Deafening blast!
▶️ 冰,雷,火! Quas Wex Exort!
▶️ 三重元素攻击! Tri-orbant blast!
▶️ 三体合一攻击! Stupefactive Trio!
▶️ 布鲁冯特之无力声波。 Buluphont's Aureal Incapacitator!
▶️ 声波爆轰! Sonic boom!


▶️ 此法术无效。 This spell works nowise!
▶️ 这个魔法令人失望。 This magic... disappoints.
▶️ 记忆有误。 My memory fails me.
▶️ 释法失误吗? Did I miscast?
▶️ 我的注意力……分散了! My concentration--shattered!
▶️ 咒语记混了吗? Did I mix my magics?
▶️ 咒语无效? Words fail me?
▶️ 真是浪费,被诅咒的法术。 Ruinous, ill-fated spell.
▶️ 心神不宁! Perturbations!
▶️ 可悲至极! Lamentable!
▶️ 出师不利! Infelicitous!
▶️ 苍天愚弄我! The errant cosmos works against me!
▶️ 没有关系! No matter.


▶️ 他们会后悔与我作对。 Oh, they'll rue the day they crossed me!
▶️ 招无虚发。 With unerring proficiency!
▶️ 深奥之境由我探寻。 The profundities are mine to ransack!
▶️ 吾之存在,超越万物 ! My totality eclipses the cosm!
▶️ 在那黑色的无知之海上,吾乃闪耀的知识灯塔。 I am a beacon of knowledge blazing out across a black sea of ignorance.
▶️ 吾之所向,皆闻风丧胆,其缘于此! Cause for my enemies to dwell on me exclusively!
▶️ 重要的知识。 Vital attainment!
▶️ 我已经接受启示! Englightenment is mine!
▶️ 领悟的赐福。 The bliss of comprehension!
▶️ Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
▶️ Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
▶️ hm hm hm hm ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. hm hm hm hm ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
▶️ mu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. mu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
▶️ hm mu ho ha ha ha ha ha ha. hm mu ho ha ha ha ha ha ha.


▶️ 那是哀嚎吗? Did I hear a squeak?
▶️ 我肯定踩到了什么东西。 I must have stepped on something.
▶️ 何物都不值得我驻足。 Whatever that was, twas scarcely worth my notice.
▶️ 挡我者不能长久。 Whosoever stands against me, stands briefly.
▶️ 愚民必死……你心知肚明。 Fools die... as you well know.
▶️ 毫无生还机会。 Give it not a second thought.
▶️ 记住我的咒语,因为你不会听到下一次了。 Mark these words: they're the last you'll hear.
▶️ 无知是你的致命伤。 Your ignorance ensured your demise.
▶️ 武装自己的应该是知识,而不是一身废铜烂铁。 You'd have done better to clothe yourself in knowledge, for all the good your scraps of armor did you.
▶️ 就像活着的时候那样,你死得无趣而又无知。 You die as you lived: insipid and ignorant.
▶️ 你不是我的对手。话说回来,谁是呢? You were no match for my powers. But then, who is?
▶️ 火柴燃尽,意志熄灭。 Like a match already dim and damp, your mind snuffs out.
▶️ 又有人比我先死。 I outlive another.
▶️ he he he he he he he.
▶️ ha ha ha ha ha.
▶️ he he ha ha ha ha ha.
▶️ ha ha ha ha.
▶️ ha ha ha.
▶️ uh ha ha ha ha.


▶️ 无趣。 Insipid.
▶️ 你不配让我记住。 I've forgotten you already.
▶️ 真奇怪。 Peculiar.
▶️ 付出就有回报。 Gold for little toil.
▶️ 壮烈的牺牲。 Such abnegation.
▶️ 买卖划算。 Profitable engagement.
▶️ 收获颇丰。 Well gotten gains.
▶️ 横扫千军。 A small annihilation.
▶️ 如我所愿。 As I will.
▶️ 真少。 So mote it be.


▶️ 反补成功。 Denied!
▶️ 反补成功。 Denied!
▶️ 一切都会尘埃落定的。 All things fall.
▶️ 鼠目寸光。 Short-sighted of you.
▶️ 不。 No.
▶️ 我知道你想要。 Methinks you wanted that.
▶️ 死亡。 Demised.
▶️ 告诉我你的遗嘱吧。 Tis nuncupatory!
▶️ 对我来说都一样。 It's all the same to me.
▶️ Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
▶️ Ho ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ho ha ha ha ha ha ha.


▶️ 不! No!
▶️ 愿黑暗与无知吞噬你们! Darkness and ignorance take you all!
▶️ 我的魔法将会殉葬。 My magics die with me.
▶️ 知识纪元的终结。 An end to ages of learning.
▶️ 时间的档案与我一同失落。 The archives of time are lost with me.
▶️ 脑海之外万物皆为虚幻。 Outside my mind, nothing is real.
▶️ 所有重要的东西都随我一同逝去了。 All that matters, perishes with me.
▶️ 还……不够! It was... not enough.
▶️ 勿忘我! Forget me not!
▶️ 雷……火……冰……呃啊 Wex... Quas... Exorrr...Aggghhh?
▶️ 得不偿失。 Dead loss.
▶️ 最后的组合。 The final tabulation.
▶️ 让我忘掉自己。 Put me out of your mind.


▶️ 记住我,因为我会记得你。 Remember me, for I will remember you!
▶️ 死亡只不过是我稍微分散了一下注意力。 Death is but a lapse in my concentration?


▶️ 我又回来了,连一点印记都没留下。 I return with nary a mark upon me.
▶️ 我记得我是做什么的。 I remember now what I was about.
▶️ 我必须更加小心,不能犯任何错误。 I shall be mindful, make no mistake.
▶️ 从死亡的彼端应召唤而归来。 Recalled from the yonside of death.
▶️ 宇宙因我而不同。 The universe was not the same without me.
▶️ 自我归来,宇宙也复原。 With my return, the cosmos is restored.
▶️ 所有的知识都是平行的。 All knowledge is parallel.
▶️ 一条直线没有开始,也没有结束。 A line without beginning, a line without end.
▶️ 从自我知识的源头,创世之泉中,我又回归了。 From the source of self-knowledge, the well of creation, I return.
▶️ 知己……知彼。 Knowing me knowing you.



▶️ 一切皆可知,我知一切。 All can be known, and known by me.
▶️ 我思故我在。 The universe depends on what I can remember of it.
▶️ 化点为线,具线成世界,初始之点由我所造。 From the first point was begat a line. From this line was begat a world. And that first point was one I made.


▶️ 卡尔。 Carl!
▶️ 世代以来我有许多名字,但是我的真名乃是卡尔。 Throughout the aeons I have been known by many names卋ut my true name of power is Carl.
▶️ 见证面前这辉煌、专横不世的大法师,卡尔。 Behold before you, the illustrious, imperious, ingenious arch-mage? CARL.


▶️ 我将此物献于记忆。 I will commit this to memory.
▶️ 仅凭意志我就将此物化作现实。 With mind alone, I have made this a reality.
▶️ 千载之等待只为此物。 Aeons I have waited, and saved, for this.


▶️ Blink Dagger icon.png 闪烁匕首 闪烁匕首! Blink dagger!
▶️ Blink Dagger icon.png 闪烁匕首 意念之匕首! Dagger of the mind.


▶️ Aghanim's Scepter icon.png 阿哈利姆神杖 啊,神杖! Ah, scepter!
▶️ Aghanim's Scepter icon.png 阿哈利姆神杖 远古神杖。 Ancient scepter.


▶️ Scythe of Vyse icon.png 邪恶镰刀 镰刀! Scythe of Vyse!
▶️ Heart of Tarrasque icon.png 恐鳌之心 恐鳌之心。 Heart of Tarrasque!
▶️ Boots of Travel 1 icon.png 远行鞋 远行鞋! Boots of Travel!
▶️ Shiva's Guard icon.png 希瓦的守护 希瓦的守护! Shiva's Guard!
▶️ Bloodstone icon.png 血精石 血精石! Bloodstone!
▶️ Veil of Discord icon.png 纷争面纱 纷争面纱***! Veil of Discord!
▶️ Linken's Sphere icon.png 林肯法球 林肯法球! Linken's Sphere!
▶️ Linken's Sphere icon.png 林肯法球 另一个法球。 Another Sphere!



▶️ Bottle (Full) icon.png 魔瓶 片刻后再提醒祈唤。 I will recall you at a later point.
▶️ Bottle (Full) icon.png 魔瓶 给我点时间想想。 I will think upon this for a time.
▶️ Bottle (Full) icon.png 魔瓶 请注意你的使命。 Be mindful of your purpose.


▶️ Haste Rune minimap icon.png 极速神符 急速! Haste!
▶️ Haste Rune minimap icon.png 极速神符 还是不如我的思维快。 Still, not as swift as the speed of my thoughts.


▶️ Double Damage Rune minimap icon.png 双倍伤害神符 双倍伤害! Double damage!
▶️ Double Damage Rune minimap icon.png 双倍伤害神符 双重的专注,双倍的伤害。 Redoubled concentration.


▶️ Regeneration Rune minimap icon.png 恢复神符 恢复! Regeneration!
▶️ Regeneration Rune minimap icon.png 恢复神符 生命力就像是我的知识一样,是一眼永不干涸的泉水。 Vitality, like my knowledge, a well that never empties.


▶️ Illusion Rune minimap icon.png 幻象神符 幻象! Illusion!
▶️ Illusion Rune minimap icon.png 幻象神符 跻身自我。 I'm betwixt myself.


▶️ Invisibility Rune minimap icon.png 隐身神符 隐身! Invisibility!
▶️ Invisibility Rune minimap icon.png 隐身神符 已经有三球技能了。 I have orbs for this.


▶️ Bounty Rune minimap icon.png 赏金神符 收获颇丰。 Well gotten gains.


▶️ Arcane Rune minimap icon.png 奥术神符 我要这个有什么用? What need have I for this?



▶️ 好的! Yes!
▶️ 胜利! Victory!
▶️ 我仅靠意志就造就了这场胜利。 I have rendered it thus with my will alone!


▶️ 不! No!
▶️ 我们失败了! Defeated!
▶️ 我的意志解体了。 My mind... Unravels!


▶️ Aegis of the Immortal icon.png 不朽之守护 不朽之守护! Immortality!
▶️ Aegis of the Immortal icon.png 不朽之守护 再活五百年。 For ages more!



▶️ 冷却中。 Not yet.
▶️ 冷却中。 Not yet.
▶️ 冷却中。 Not yet.
▶️ 我还没有准备好。 I'm not ready.
▶️ 我还没有准备好。 I'm not ready.
▶️ 我还没有准备好。 I'm not ready.
▶️ 我还不能使用。 It's not time yet.
▶️ 我还不能使用。 It's not time yet.
▶️ 我还不能使用。 It's not time yet.


▶️ 没有足够的魔法。 Out of mana.
▶️ 没有足够的魔法。 Out of mana.
▶️ 没有足够的魔法。 Out of mana.
▶️ 魔法不够了。 No mana.
▶️ 魔法不够了。 No mana.
▶️ 魔法不够了。 No mana.
▶️ 魔法不足。 Not enough mana.
▶️ 魔法不足。 Not enough mana.
▶️ 魔法不足。 Not enough mana.


▶️ 多谢。 Thanks.
▶️ 非常感激。 Grace to you.
▶️ 非常感激。


▶️ 难道你们看不见我被攻击了吗? Can't you see I'm under attack?!
▶️ 我正受到攻击! I'm under attack!


▶️ 现在该我来告诉你们,此战稳操胜券了。 It falls to me to inform you that this one is in the bag!
▶️ 傻瓜魔导师。 Shitty wizard!
▶️ 可怜的魔导师。 Crummy wizard!



▶️ Oh!
▶️ Oh!
▶️ Ah!
▶️ Eh!
▶️ Oh!
▶️ Ow!
▶️ Oh!
▶️ Ah!
▶️ Ah!
▶️ Ah!
▶️ Oh!
▶️ Ow!


▶️ Ow!
▶️ Grr!
▶️ hmrr!
▶️ Oh!
▶️ hrmmm!
▶️ mmh!
▶️ ahh!
▶️ ahh!
▶️ uhh!


▶️ Ahhhh.
▶️ Ahhhh.
▶️ Ahhhh.
▶️ Ahhhh.
▶️ mmmm.
▶️ Ahhhh.
▶️ mmmm.
▶️ humm.


▶️ Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
▶️ hm ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
▶️ Hm ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
▶️ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
▶️ Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
▶️ Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
▶️ Ha! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
▶️ Huh ha ha.
▶️ He ha ha.
▶️ Ha ha.
▶️ hm ha ha.
▶️ ha ha ha ha.
▶️ ha.
▶️ hm hm.
▶️ ha ha.